Residential Weed Control Services

Below is a list of services available from Custom Weed and Spray. Not sure what you need? Give us a call. We also offer professional services to landscapers, commercial businesses and HOAs.

Pre-emergent Weed Spray

You won't have to worry about your landscaped areas becoming choked with weeds after we spray your property with pre-emergents at the beginning of the season. If they come back, we come back - guaranteed

Post-emergent Weed Spray

We can treat various target sites with a post-emergent application. This will kill existing growth such as grasses, grasses in plants, weeds, certain weeds in plant, and sedges.

Broadleaf Weed Treatment

If your yard or turf area is filled with weeds, our broadleaf treatment will kill the weeds while the grass remains healthy.

Olive Tree Fruit Suppression

Prevent your olive trees from bearing fruit and creating a mess in your yard with our olive tree fruit suppression service.

Soil Conditioning

Watch the plants in your garden or the turf in your yard thrive after we treat your soil to address nutrient deficiencies.

Nutgrass Treatment

Nutgrass is a very troublesome weed and can be hard to get rid of. We offer specific services to treat nutgrass in various types of locations.

Kill Existing Bermuda Grass

If you've decided to xeriscape your yard, contact us to spray the area to kill existing Bermuda grass without ruining the soil for future plants.

Insect and Disease Control

We offer treatments for insects in plants, turf diseases such as pearl scale, brown spots, etc. Call for a free quote.